Saturday, August 18, 2007

Such a Busy Day! So Much to Report

Today was jam-packed with action at the house. It all started off this morning with Dad finishing off the framing upstairs, then up a 24' rental truck to move all of my stuff from the Fraternity house. Despite living in a 12'x12' room for two and a half years I have acquired a lot of stuff.

Once the moving was done we drug out the old refridgerators and stoves from the house and installed the new ones in the kitchen. My room is now devoid of any appliances, YES! There are currently two ovens in the yard, two full sized fridges on the porch and one mini-fridge (from my room at Sigma Nu) just to top it off. I hope this is the only time in my life that I am the owner of three stoves and four fridges. That's a little much. I look like I'm running an appliance bazaar in my yard.

The drywall was the next project. With the help of a couple friends, my brother, and my Dad a lot of the drywall was hung. Actually, we hung as much as we could leaving one side of each wall exposed for the building inspector who will be coming Monday. Judging by how fast we were able to do half of the work, I figure it shouldn't be too hard to get it finished by Tuesday.

My Mom and sisters came over again today and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. Mom made my floors shine (to the best of their ability) and it is so nice to not have them covered in dust.

Here are a couple photos of all of the stuff my roommates and I have brought over to the house. Most of it is stored in the dining room, but a few things ended up in the living room. Dad, my brother, and two friends helped me carry my piano from my old place up onto the truck and then from the truck into my new place. Thank-you so much guys; that's no small feat! Luckily for us, when I called to reserve a truck to use the only one available was the 24' one which was rediculously larger than we needed, but fortunately had a hydraulic lift on the back. It was awesome to be able to just set the piano down on the lift and push a button to get it into the truck... so much better than breaking your back! Take a look at how well the wood color matches the house's woodwork! The fake flowers on the table were a gag-gift from a coworker, so I put them front and center on the entry table (a garage sale table, $40! What a find!)

Tomorrow I hope to hang the doors upstairs and bust out the cabinets upstairs. I know I've been planning on taking out the cabinets for days, but with the appliances gone it should be much easier. I need to sleep now, I'm so tired!

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Kelli said...

Alright Nate! Those upstairs walls are looking good! I can't believe how lovely your staircase area looks with the piano and the little table. It's so warm and welcoming! Your living room looks so cozy with furniture in it. Seems like a great place for friends to sit around and talk into the wee hours. Keep up the good work!