Tuesday, August 14, 2007


So I'm super stressed out right now. I got most of my stuff out of the room today before work but I still need to remove some of the larger furniture. The guy who is moving in is really laid back so he didn't mind too much. Still, it was such a stressful day. Lets make a list.

1. Vacate room, pack life's posessions into grocery and liquor store boxes. Place in Living room.
2. Live in Fraternity house living room for a week.
3. Roommates want to move in, rooms are missing walls. Everything is still gross.
4. During the rain yesterday I noticed water coming into the house from where the roof meets the chimney. Yup, the flashing the PO was supposed to have fixed before closing. He got it 'fixed' three days later, but as soon as it started raining, I had bubbles of water forming under the paint... in the LIVING ROOM! WTF! Now I have to call the listing agent and bla bla bla headache.
5. Training for Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon... occuring October 7th, weeks behind in training.
6. Architecture school starts again on Tuesday. Because I love stress.

Why do I do all of this to myself? Why can't I just rent an apartment and go out every night like normal college students? I can't wait until October 8th when I just lay on my couch, in a partially finished yet habitable house, and relax. Sometimes I wish life had a fast-forward button!

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