Thursday, August 2, 2007


I realized today that I didn't include pictures of the basement or the nice little touches the house has. The basement is pretty utilitarian, so we'll breeze through it and move on to the favorites.

The Basement:

Here you see the two giant oil tanks, one behind the other. The second picture shows the furnace (from the 1970's, Eek!) and a bike that I kind of hope the seller leaves. I could ride it to work (8 blocks away) and my Architecture studio (12 blocks). The third photo shows the rusty, non functioning washer and dryer. My parents are getting me a washer and dryer as a house warming gift. I wonder if they'd take the old ones in a trade?

Ok, now for the good stuff. These are pictures of my favorite little things in the house that I think are charming that just need a little polishing up.

I wasn't satisfied with the last photo of the fireplace because it was so dark. I photoshopped this one to make it brighter so you can see the color of the brick and how nicely it goes with the woodwork.

This is a sconce in the living room. It is missing the candle part that would hold the bulb, and there isn't any wiring in it. Actually, all it does is cover the exposed wiring I saw during the first walk-through. I'll be replacing this one, but I still think it's cool. The oval on top is a picture of a sailing ship, but I couldn't take a picture without the glare from the flash.

The house has two glass doorknobs. One lives in the living room closet, the other in the upstairs bathroom. I really wish they were throughout the house, but two is better than none. Btw, look at how close the door comes to the bathroom sink. What am I going to do with that!?!

The attic! I'm really excited to go crawling around up there. I remember three halloweens ago when I crawled up into the attic at Sigma Nu where I've lived the last three years. It was so cool to see what I could find up in the insulation and dust. I hope there are some little treasures up there! By treasures I mean shiny pieces of old metal or buttons or something. I'm not lucky enough for anything of value!

No word yet on the closing. I'm still hoping for Friday.

Tonight I have a wedding rehearsal for my friends Eric and Lindi who are getting married on Saturday. The wedding reception is going to be downtown, eight blocks from the house. I hope I will have closed by Saturday so I can walk home from the reception (since I predict I may be consuming some adult beverages!) I'm a groomsman, so I definatelly need a picture of me in my tux leaning on my fireplace mantle. Smoking a pipe? Too much?

Speaking of weddings, I need to give a little happy anniversary shout-out to my parents who were married 27 years ago today. Happy anniversary Mom & Dad!!!

Final thought: The listing agent picked up the 'For Sale' sign yesterday from the house without so much as a 'SOLD' sign. I wanted to take dumb pictures with that sign!!! I'm kinda pissed! You only buy your first house once!

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Shawn said...

Did closing happen today? By the way, the before photos are great. Make sure to continually keep taking photos, even if it starts to seem redundant. That's the one thing I learned with our first house was that even though we have a lot of before photos, I wish I had more.