Friday, August 24, 2007

Porch Swing Aftermath

As long as I have this spiffy new internet, I might as well add in the photo I took of the damaged porch ceiling after My buddy Greg and I took our little ride to the porch floor.
As funny as it was at the time I have some beadboard to replace now. I guess I should say MORE beadboard to replace (you should see the soffits) but that'll be sometime down the line. I think I should first make the house a little more habitable. Walls come first then, down the line a ways, beadboard. I'll fix the porch ceiling first I think; it's just that little chunk. But definatelly walls first!


Anonymous said...

I second the walls first. Also, though this was another post, I enjoy the fact that someone decided to paint over the cable hookup. Classic American homeowner etiquette. It's what makes doing these houses fun..

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Kelli said...

While I was at Menards I was checking out bead board to put on our bathroom walls. Seems like composite is around $20 a sheet and birch veneer is about $35. I haven't decided which to use on my project. But if the ceiling in your porch is individual boards, not big sheets, it will probably be easy to fix. :)