Friday, August 24, 2007

Complications With Cable

I, like an idiot, also assumed that the cable installation would go smoothly. Strike 2.

About ten minutes before the cable guy got here I realized that there is no cable jack in the living room. Or first floor for that matter. I ran outside to look at the box on the side of the house and, sure enough, there was a cable going into the foundation. I figured that it must run through the basement and pop up somewhere in the first floor. Wrong. This is what I found on the other side of the basement wall:

Beautiful. It was about that time that the cable guy arrived. The first thing he did was open up the box on the side of the house to see what's going on. He had the most confused look on his face until I remembered a little detail, "oh, did I not mention this used to be a duplex?" Aparantly there were setups for two different units. Luckily he knew how to get everything back in order.

When I showed him the little nubbin of a cable cord in the basement he said he could just drill a hole in the floor and run it up to the living room. Not my hardwood floors! Eek! I said I could do some fishing around in the walls and install a wall jack myself and just connect to the stub in the basement. He said that is what he would reccommend and I keep my floors hole-free. Everyone wins.

The bedroom jack upstairs was another little issue. It looks like this:

Why? Because it just takes too much effort to NOT paint over it. Who does this? Honestly! Fortunatelly for me (and my roommate who lives in the room) it still works, so crisis avoided there.

Bright side? Well, there were no complications with the wireless installation, so I can now blog from anywhere in my house. Piece of cake!

(Where did the phrase 'piece of cake' come from? It seems normal to say it, but looking at it typed seems really weird. Probably some historical back-story I've never heard)

Well, Jeff, I'll agree with you. 2.5 times as long as I'd thought seems about correct on this little adventure too. Those numbers make me nervous about my bigger projects up ahead!

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Muskego Jeff said...

2.5 times is for "regular" projects. Bigger projects are on a sliding scale, with the multiplier being based on how many times you think you're going to bleed before the job is done.

People who paint over outlets should be punched in the ear.