Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Ok, now for the upstairs. Remember, there are four bedrooms and one bathroom. One bedroom is a kitchen right now, and one is a living room that was opened up to the hallway. Two bedrooms really don't need much but paint. I guess one of the good bedrooms has water damage in the closet that needs to be repaired, but at least there's money in escrow to fix it.

Yeah, Nate, just get to the pictures!

First off, the hallway:

The hallway is pretty open, and I think it will be cool once I paint over the 'rental white' and rip out the carpet to reveal the hardwood floors. The PO was so proud that he 'used the same color white for all of his rental units' so he could touch up any wall at any time easily. I just see all those white walls as a blank canvas!

Bedroom 1: (South East corner)

Not too much work needed here, just refinishing the floor, paint, window repair, and a new light fixture. Of course, these things are needed in all of the rooms in the house, so I should just say nothing out of the ordinary here.

Bedroom 2: (South West corner)

Take note of the lovely water damage in the closet. What color paint would coordinate with that? Actually, the chimney needs new flashing so the leak stops, but then the wall comes back up and problem solved. And I'm sure it will be just that easy. At least there's money in escrow for that!

Bedroom 3: (North West corner)

Well, for the sake of privacy, I'm thinking about adding that wall separating the room from the hallway. It will need a closet added in there too. That's where the salvaged doors come in! The one window has some water damage from an incorrectly installed air conditioner. Because the paint all came off I could tell that the woodwork upstairs wasn't stained, just painted, so I'll just be keeping it painted. This will most likely make the spaces brighter and make them appear larger to buyers when I sell, so it's ok. The first floor is about stained wood trim though, no exceptions!!! Well, except for the bathroom and maybe the kitchen. Living/Dining WILL be wood! Ok, back to the photo tour...

Bedroom 4: (North East corner)

As soon as I de-kitchen-isize it it'll be a nice little bedroom.


Yuck, Yuck, GROSS!!! Disgusting linoleum, squishy subflooring, nasty fiberglass tub surround glued onto blue tile tub surround. As you can see somebody was fond of the blue tiles. I do not share this sentiment, and am looking forward to popping each and every one off with a prybar. Not too much room for a vanity sink, so I'll need to figure out a solution there. I'll be needing to spend some money in this room... but where will the money come from? Anybody? Please?
Here you can see the top of the stairwell. I hate the paneling, and it took all of my strength to not start pulling at it today while I was there. The drop ceiling was a nice touch, but I think I'll be removing that too. The ceiling above has a little water damage, but I'm not scared! The railing on the wall is made from a chunk of wood, just screwed into the wall. Were brackets and a real railing too expensive? Seriously!

Well, thats all for now.


Kelli said...

OMG the paneling! I have been plagued with paneling in every home I've owned so far, including this new one. Why anybody ever thought that was a good idea is beyond me. Nice open bedrooms though. The house seems bigger upstairs than it did downstairs. That will be a lovely, bright area once you've fixed it up.

Christine said...

I see this being a real charmer once you're done. I has good bones. I've seen really small sinks for bathrooms just like that. Look around when you get to it, I'm sure you'll come up with something.

Have fun!