Monday, August 6, 2007

Closing & Floor Plans

Closing has been set! Wednesday at 4pm. Done deal.
I did a little floor plan to help illustrate the work I'll be starting this week.
The red represents walls and doors that are being removed, and the green is where doors and walls are being added. If you were confused about some of the picture angles, go ahead and cross reference them with the plans. Hopefully that helps get a feeling for the layout of the house. Good thing I have all of this architecture software!
T-minus 2 days! Hold on to your hats!


Muskego Jeff said...

Good to hear that the closing is scheduled. My realtor told me something which sounds pretty accurate: the lending bank and all parties involved will jump through any hoop they have to (within reason), to make sure you get your house. Otherwise they don't get their cut of your money.

Kelli said...

Those floor plans are awesome! I wish I had the experience (and software) of an architecture major to come up with floor plans and stuff for my house. We aren't facing any major construction yet, but still, it would be cool. I do plan on drawing my own little floor plan for my website, but I doubt it will be as snazzy as yours. :)

BeccaMarie said...

Congrats on the closing! Your house has a lot of potential. And I agree...they'll do whatever it takes to close! When we were going through everything for our loan the realtor paid for the porch roofs to be replaced, the basement insulation, and the PO's paid for the new septic laterals! All that had to be done for closing. Of course we had to pay the realtor back for her part though.