Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Feeling Better Now

Well, I'm feeling better now that I'm all moved into the living room. Seems weird that that would make me feel better, but it does. I called Dad today and vented for a bit, and he said that he would take the afternoon off of work and drive up to help with the house. Sweet. He knows more about framing than I do (not hard) so he can help with the whole awkward wall situation upstairs. Oh, and he's bringing tools! Sweetness!

I think I'm going to sledge-out the cabinets up in the kitchen/bedroom tomorrow morning and fill up that dumpster outside so I can get a new one.

I need to make a trip to menards tomorrow to pick up another set of doorknobs, since the ones I purchased for the front and side doors don't have the same key. Wow, I'm smart! I hope I can find the receipt. I think I'll buy a skinny pry-bar to pull up tack strips from the carpet and a needle-nose pliers to get the staples. I'll head over to the ReStore too, since I haven't been there for a couple weeks. Maybe they'll have some tile for the bathroom. I'm always keeping my fingers crossed for that!

I went to the hotel after work today and hit the treadmill in the fitness room. It was good to run out some of the stress I had been building up. I guess I just need an outlet for it... cause smashing things with hammers wasn't enough? I'm getting up in six hours to start working on the house again, so thats all for now.

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Muskego Jeff said...

If your doorknobs are the same model & brand, you could just have one lock re-keyed to match the other. I got all mine from Menards and could only find two of four sets to match, so I just had two sets re-key'd for the doorknob and deadbolt. Costs a couple of bucks, but my local Menards does it in-house.