Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mother Nature is a Mean Lady

Well, it rained today and, of course, the puddle returned on the mantle. I need to call the PO and make him fix that roof.

In other water issues, I was in the basement today and I noticed some water on the ground. I assumed that it must have come from the foundation, but nope. I looked up above my head and I saw the drain from the first floor shower. Yup, the shower drain leaks. Amazing.

With unwanted water spending so much time in the house I should be charging it rent.

When I got home tonight I stepped in some water on the kitchen floor and, without looking at the floor, shot my glare directly at the ceiling. Somebody just spilled some water on the floor, but I'm so paranoid about water leaks now.

This week is SUPER busy for me with Rush Week at the Fraternity, work, Student Government, and starting a new project in studio. I'm not going to be getting too much done in the next couple days, but this weekend is another story. Can you say 3-day weekend? My goal is to get the NW bedroom finished and the cabinet frames out of the NE bedroom... meaning I can finally get that construction dumpster out of my driveway. My roommates and I have been parking on the street and blocking eachother into the driveway so far, so having access to the parking area in the back will be such a nice change.

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Muskego Jeff said...

Water coming in sucks, but if you find the leaks now, it'll be less painful than if you find them after all the reno work is done.

I'm always suspicious of basements and lawn grades, especially in older houses. Make sure you've got good drainage away from the house, 'cause in Spring Mother Nature and her friends are coming to visit. All that melting snow has got to go somewhere!