Saturday, September 15, 2007

Wires and Laundry

Today Dad came up to Fargo to bring up and install a washer and dryer. I'm super excited to get all of my clothes cleaned and organized. Installation went better than I thought it would, and we were done really quickly. Dad took one of the fridges from the porch back to Wahpeton with him, so I'm down to one extra appliance.

The ovens were taken away this week, and it's a pretty good story. So, the PO was working on the building nextdoor he owns this week. He had evicted a tenant and had a dumpster dropped off to throw out all of his furniture and stuff he left behind. As it turned out he had more stuff than fit in the dumpster, so some was sitting out in the lawn. Because my driveway is so close to the other house people sometimes think it is that house's driveway. Luckily for me the city garbage people made that same mistake when they dumped the dumpster next door. They must have assumed that my dumpster was part of that project because they dumped mine too! Better yet, they took away the two old ovens! That was a freebie!

Anyhow, back to today.

After the appliance business was taken care of Dad and I made a Depot run and wired up three outlets in my bedroom. By we, I mainly mean Dad. I'm pretty good at fishing into walls because I have skinny fingers, so I had my place in this project! We picked up new outlet boxes and some electrical cable and set to work bustin' up plaster. We cut holes for the three boxes and knocked out some of the plaster from down under the baseboard so we could fish the cable through. I haven't installed the outlets yet, but the wiring and boxes were the hard part anyways. I have to do a little patching too, but I'm nowhere near done with the wall texture. I don't think I'll be able to prime and paint by the end of the weekend, but next weekend I should be all done and moved in.

Oh, and I hung the door to my room today too. It needs to be planed down a little bit in a couple spots so it closes... but at least it's up now.

We're pushing forward, one Depot run at a time!

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