Friday, September 28, 2007

So Much White Powder, It's Like Kate Moss Moved In

Long title, large hurdle jumped.

I finished sanding the walls in my bedroom today! HOO-rah! Tomorrow I'll prime, then paint, and hopefully move in sometime at the beginning of next week! I'm so excited! You can't see it, but check out how smooth the walls are:In the process of making these walls look so good, I did this. I've got some cleaning up ahead.

I'd imagine Kate Moss's place to look about the same! I shouldn't say anything, I blew my nose after working on the walls tonight and out came white clumps... joint compound, not coke. Ha.

Check out this old guy working on the walls. Wait, that's me. That's my hair in 25 years, if I have any left!

I just can't wait to get the primer up tomorrow. It's all coming together!

1 comment:

Christine said...

It's looking good. I'll bet you're ready to see some paint up on those walls.