Monday, September 3, 2007

Puttin' the Labor in Labor Day

Thanks for the title Jayne!

Today I hit a huge paint sale at Home Depot and picked up a 5 gallon pail of ceiling paint, three gallons of beige for the living/dining/stairwell, and a gallon of slate blue for my bedroom. Of course, these walls aren't getting painted until I fix the texture problems from walls taken out.

Speaking of texture problems, I continued scraping the loose paint from the NE bedroom. I started leveling out the difference between where the paint remains and where it was chipped out. If I just painted it as is you would see every height difference and the walls would look terrible. Here's a photo of how it looks once the filler matches the paint:

I also worked a little bit on the joint compound in the other bedroom. I was kinda hoping that I'd be able to get the rooms primed and textured (texture sand in the primer) by the end of this weekend so I could paint this week, but I guess I'll just have to push that back a couple days. I'm still counting on getting my roommate moved into his room by next weekend. We'll see how driven I am this week!

I ran the cable from the little nub in the basement into the living room today. Yes, a real estate show from HGTV's on right now! I bought a long drill bit and drilled up into the wall from the basement, and into the wall from the living room. My roommate Alex and I did a little fishing in the wall to run the cord through. I nailed up the cord to the beams under the floor, even the 6+ feet of extra cable (oops!). I guess I'm not a good judge of how much cable to buy.

All in all, a fairly productive day. We should have 3 day weekends all the time!


Jayne said...

I'm honored that you used my comment as a title. *shuffling my feet* Warn't nuthin' but the truth, Nate. lol. Go back to school and rest!

Muskego Jeff said...

Are you going to prime before painting? I hate painting, but considering how much patching you are doing, it may be a good idea.