Tuesday, September 18, 2007

...And I Didn't Even Zap Myself Once!

Today between my first and second class (a span of about five hours - great schudule, huh?) I wired in the outlets in my bedroom. It wasn't really too difficult, but I'm still a beginner here so I'm pretty pumped about it. Yes, they even work. I tested 'em out.

This was after Dad left on Saturday:

and this is after I finished today:

I realized I didn't add any pictures of the new washer and dryer, so here they are.

First, The old pair - anybody want 'em? I wouldn't set my clothes basket on top of them, let alone put clothes in those rust-buckets.

The new pair! Thanks Dad & Mom!Here's a quick photo of the door to my room I finally got up on it's hinges. So it doesn't close all the way yet... baby steps here, baby steps.
And, finally, I took some video of a quick walk-through of the first floor. I really should have taken video during my final walk-through before closing. What was I thinking? Just dumb.

I hope you enjoyed the video clip. I havn't been able to keep the house clean this week, and as you can probably see the dining room is completely used for storage now. I just thought the video might help you visualize in your own mind what the house looks like. I'll have to do the upstairs too sometime.


Dulcie said...

Nice job! Working with electricity scares the heebyjeebies out of me.

kelli.griffis said...

Woo hoo! Love the video, Nate! You've inspired me to do a walk through video of my house.

Nice work on the wiring! I haven't touched any new wiring. I leave that to Brandon, who's a technology geek anyway and tends to know which wire is which. :)