Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Go Away Trashmobile!

We've had this terrible RV parked in front of the house for about a week, and my roommate had enough! He called this morning and reported it to the city so it could be ticketed/towed/whatever they do with these things. I recognized it as the same RV that was parked in front of the house to the East the week of closing and I could recall seeing an orange tow notice on the windshield. It seems it went away for a couple weeks and now its back. Great. It wouldn't be so bad if the thing didn't look like this:

And now that it's parked in front of my house it's blocking the view of oncoming traffic when we try to back our vehicles out of the driveway. I'm kind of disappointed that you can't tell that the stripes are bright orange and poopy brown in the photo.
So, much to my amusement, I glanced out the front door's window and noticed a police van parked behind the aweful thing! I whipped out my camera and snagged a couple shots as they slapped the good 'ole orange tow notice on the front. Yes! Hopefully whoever owns that junker will get the message this time that nobody wants it on our street.

I did joke that it was my guest house, but I'll sacrifice it for the cause. My guests can sleep in the living room with my roommate and me!

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