Sunday, September 30, 2007

Me: 2, Dingy, Yellowed Off White: 0

Friday was a very, very productive day.

Since I completed the sanding in my bedroom, as soon as I got back from class I set to work priming the walls and ceiling. While the primer dried, I did a quick paint job in the bathroom downstairs. (more to come in a bit!) By the time I was done with the first coat in the bathroom the bedroom was dry and ready for its paint. I used a slate blue by Behr which, except for a couple places, covered in one coat. Gotta love that! All I need to do now is get the baseboards back up (I primed them Friday too) and repaint the trim and ceiling white. Here's the progression:

So, it's not quite the color I planned on but it's still ok. It looked perfect on the little swatch, but on the walls it's about a shade and a half too dark. The room's not that big to begin with, so the last thing I need to do is make it too dark. I'm sure it will be close enough once I get my stuff in the room, and the new light fixture should make everything brighter.

Like I said before, the bathroom got a coat of paint too. I know I won't be able to do any significant changes to the bathroom anytime soon, so I figured that in the meantime I would try to make it look less ugly with some qick fixes. I bought some new $4 blinds, new towel bars/t.p. holder, and some cheap Walmart paint. I should have known better with the cheap-o paint! I had to use two coats, three in some areas, and I would honestly rather pay the extra ten bucks for one coat coverage. Seriously, I'm a busy guy and my time's worth the cost of the better paint. I haven't gotten to the trim or the ceiling yet, but here's the change so far:
Pretty good for one night's work. Once I get my trim and ceiling painted in my room I'll be able to move in and get organized there. Once all of my stuff is upstairs I can finally start pulling the first floor together. That will definatelly be a good deal!


kelli.griffis said...

What a difference! :)

Anonymous said...

Nathan.. I like the color!! I am so proud of you :D How grown-up!!!
Love ya!! :) Carolyn