Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Doesn't mother nature know I'm stressed out right now? What's with this? We got another good 5 inches of snow today. Add this to the previous 6ish inches and you'll understand why I'm questioning why I'm not living about five states south.

My studio professor moved back the deadline for my design project until Friday (vs. Weds) so I had some time to go home and sleep. I parked my car in the back yard because my roommates had already driven back there and if they could get in and out without any problems I should be ok, right? Well, some SNOW happened. This much:After finally getting some sleep, I had to go to work tonight at 5. In the process of trying to get that car to the street I had some difficulties. Try an hour of difficulties. Gah! Usually it isn't too much of a problem to power that car through snow because it's got some pretty good power, and I'm a fairly good winter driver. When you take into account that your roommates have been driving on the driveway for a couple days and packing the snow down to ice, then add snow up past the bottom of your car doors, things become more interesting. If you try to punch the gas, the ice causes you to turn sideways, but if you don't go fast enough you can't get through the snow and you get stuck. At one point I could see the side of the house in my rear-view mirror... not good.

When I came home from work I found that my neighbor had brought his snow blower over and cleared out the driveway. How nice is that? I'll have to return the favor once I get a snow blower of my own. I'm really not going to have time to go snow blower shopping until after my project and finals are done. Lookin' at around Tuesday next week.

If it snows again before then, someone's getting hurt.

p.s. Am I not paying for getting the street cleared with my property taxes? I got stuck in the middle of my street again. This was at 9:30pm, when it stopped snowing around 3pm. What's up Fargo? Our taxes are almost twice those of Moorhead,MN just across the river and they can get their streets cleaned off. If I get stuck one more time more than five hours after snowing ceases, you bet I'm calling the city!


Jolene said...

I live in moorhead and we got stuck about a million times in the middle of the street too, it's so crappy

Kris said...

Dude, I'm with you. Try living with a property management company that doesn't like to clean sidewalks. Sucks.

Doc Mara said...

The weather sucks indeed. I still like this WAY better than Phoenix summers. I know it's no consolation, but it gets easier.