Monday, December 31, 2007

Dining Room: Texture and Primer

I found a great new (to me) product that I'm so excited to share! I discovered these cans of aerosol orange-peel texture. The size of the texture is adjustable so you can make anywhere from small to medium to large splatters. There are two different kinds, one that shoots out white texture, or one that shoots out blue texture that turns white when it dries. I could see paying the extra fifty cents for the blue stuff if you have vision issues, but I really didn't see the need for it myself. I just thought I'd try it because it looked like a fun gimmick. It did work nicely for taking pictures. I don't know if you could have seen the white texture as well as the blue against the off white walls.

The only drawbacks were the price and the smell. They were a bit more expensive than sand texture would have been, costing about $13 a can, but so far I only had to use 2.5 cans of it. It's SO much easier than the sand texture, so I was happy to pay it. The smell was the other issue. I would have liked to be able to open up a window but I didn't want to let in the winter so I just tolerated the fumes.

Here's a photo of the giant crack I repaired on the North wall:I decided it would be a good idea take an action shot. I hope you like it; I over-textured that spot just for your benefit.
After I finished the texture, I primed the walls and ceiling. The ceiling hadn't been primed yet in that picture.
I just finished painting the ceiling, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I'm probably going to paint the walls now.


Sandy said...

You are having entirely too much fun! Happy New Year, Nate!

We are in said...

I think I'm following Sandy around this morning! LOL Hi Sandy!

Nate, we have textured or "rough" plaster wall in our house and that stuff was a life saver when it came time to match the patched holes to the original plaster. You're right though - it's not cheap.

To match ours I had to spray it on over the mud or spackle, wait for it to dry about halfway then "knock it down" with a wide blade.

My vision isn't the greatest now that I've passed my mid 40s - but I didn't spring for the extra 50 cents either.

Can you believe you're so close to finishing? And that you can actually kinda see the floor now?

Amy said...

I love that spray texture stuff! The former owners of our house must have been house-care deficient... they filled their nail holes with sanded grout. So, instead of continuous texture, our walls had strange, sandpaper-like blotches. Lovely.