Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stripping Progress, More Pictures

Well, I finished stripping the majority of the paint off of the second salvaged door, although the interior of this door was much more difficult to strip. The door was originally hung in a bathroom, so the interior had many more layers of paint than the exterior. This wouldn't have been such a problem, but the bottom layer of paint turned to a super sticky glue from hell. You can see this paint on the bottom layer of the scrapings in the photo. I couldn't get as much of this putty-colored crap up as I would have liked, but I'm hoping it will cooperate with the chemical stripper I'm using tonight. Wish me luck.

I took a little trip over to the house to take a couple photos now that my camera is working. I've included here a photo of the porch, the arts and crafts door I have high hopes for once it's refinished, and a sad little attempt at catching an interior image. That's me in the glare.

Here are a couple photos of the exterior. The first photo is with the refurbished basement window leaning up on the porch. Now imageine all of the trim that color. Something about that picture makes me like the white trim, but I suppose that is because it looks so clean. In real life? No, yuck. I've also included photos of the side entry and the back of the house. Look at that weird roof situation in the back! Why would you do that? I guess it's kinda funky & cool; it's definatelly the only roof like that on the block!

In other news, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Well, more like another, much longer tunnel at the end of the tunnel. But anyways, I'M CLOSING ON MONDAY!!! Yes! I can finally get that 'Before' album started. Good times!


Durf said...

Looks like you did well with the stripping. What did you use?

Dulcie said...

What a fabulous porch your house has! I can't wait to see more pictures -- especially of your painted trim! :)

Kelli said...

Nate! Thanks for stopping by at my blog. I envy you so badly for actually having paint under your fingernails and struggling with sticky glue from hell. We don't close on our house until Aug. 17, so I'll just have to keep coming by your blog to sniff your stripping chemicals and get my fixer-upper fix until then. :) Godspeed, brother home-fixer!
-Kelli from Our New Old House on Wordpress