Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pissed at: Appraisal Companies, Chemical Strippers

I'm so upset right now! My closing date got pushed back because my home appraisal, which has taken 10+ days to get back, won't be on my lender's desk until Monday. Yeah, the day I was supposed to close. After that it goes to the underwriters in Sioux Falls, SD, then I can close. Probably Wednesday. For those who are keeping track, that's two unexpected days I have to wait to bust down walls and rip out fake wood paneling. It wouldn't be such a big deal, but I have roommates who need to move in before classes begin August 20th. One roommate needs to be out of her place by Aug 1, but she luckily has a place to stay in the meantime. See the urgency?

I used a chemical stripper to try to get the remaining paint residue off from one of the salvaged doors, and all that happened was the paint stayed in the cracks and the door became covered in a sticky flamable snot. Fantastic... I'm going to try giving it a light sanding next to see if that would give me a better shot at refinishing. At least these aren't my real doors yet! I don't mind messing up on some salvaged doors that will most likey end up in a closet.

I had a dream about the doors and how they would work being hung in a closet. I need a life.


Muskego Jeff said...

Did your inspector computerize the report? Maybe I'm lucky, but the guy I used walked my property with a laptop and a digital camera and was able to show me the inspection report before we left the house. If he had access to the internet, he could have e-mailed me a copy right then and there. I actually had a copy waiting in my in-box by the time I got home. Best part is that he brought me home made chocolate chip cookies (he does this for all his clients).

Kelli said...

Aw Nate, that sucks about the appraiser. Keep your chin up, it'll all come through ok.

I do plan to get a heat gun, but I'm a little worried about using it on lead based paint. I'll read up about it before I do. The paint on the outside of the house is already flaking off completely, so I'll just use a wet cloth and wipe it and it'll just crumble off.

I have a couple of big old doors with layers and layers of paint to strip too. The two doors from the dining room are both in the basement, along with the one surviving storm window from the front porch. My days of stripping are about to begin. I'll be sure and post pictures.

Oh that came out wrong. Not THOSE kind of pictures. :-P

Unless, you know, you really want some, and then, well, maybe.