Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Progress! Yes!!!

For those who read my last post, I got in touch with the owner of the houses about to be torn down. This fantastic person told me I could salvage whatever I could use for my house. Yes! You can now find a house near NDSU that is missing two basement windows, three storm windows, and every doorknob that it ever held! I hope I can get back sometime this week to salvage two double-panel doors before the house gets torn down on Monday. We'll see!

I started the first of many, many projects yesterday. I took one of the basement windows that I salvaged and used it as my test subject for the restoration that all of my windows need. I used my heat gun (new favorite tool) to loosen up the old, cracked glazing compound around the panes of glass. After I removed the old glazing compound, I used the heat gun to strip off all of the old layers of paint from the window. I put on the new glazing compound now I just need to wait for it to harden so I can paint it. I chose a green color that I'll be using on the exterior of the windows and on the trim. What!?! Not white!?! Color on my house!?! NO WAY!!!

I talked to the seller yesterday and the house is completely vacant right now, allowing me to hurry al0ng the closing. I met with my lender today and he said we would be able to close a little earlier. I hope to get most of the work undoing the duplex conversion done before classes start, so the earlier we close, the better. I'm just really excited to get moving on this project!

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