Monday, August 25, 2008

Troubles! Fashions! Photos!

Ok, so for the most part everything is going well with the house. We've had a lot of showings, and some interest already. No offers yet, but It's only been a couple weeks. for the problem. Brace yourself:
Smack! Right on the neighbor's garage! There was some sort of storm that apparently couldn't wait until the house was sold. Fortunately their insurance will cover the cost of removing the limb and repairing the roof. Dad found someone who can reinforce the rest of the tree with cable so we don't have to take it out. Sadly, it was the best looking of all of the trees the yard had! This place never has and never will have pristinely manicured gardens, so I don't think it's too big of a deal.

My sister, who was living in the house the last couple months, got her paramedic degree and accepted a job offer in Iowa. The house is now completely vacant and ready for some new owners to take care of her. My wallet and I are hoping for this to happen soon...

For an NYC update, next week is Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and this week is when the castings are for those runway shows. I went to my first casting today, (saw a couple past ANTM winners there), and have another casting lined up for tomorrow afternoon. I had a couple test shoots last week and my agency ordered prints which should be ready by tomorrow. The prints will go in my book (portfolio... we call it a book) so clients can see my purdy mug all glam'd up. If you want to see the results of my test shoot, the best few shots are on my agency's website. You'll find me in the 'new faces' section. I'm the guy in the white, collared shirt under the name 'Nathan'. I'll keep you posted if I book any cool shows.

Take care everyone!


Jayne said...

Wow, Nathan!! Hubba, hubba! See, I can say that cause I'm old enough to be your....aunt. (I refuse to admit I'm really old enough to be your mom.) My favorite photo's the one of you in the dark suit. Very old-school movie star looking. Hope you take the modeling world by storm!

Oh yeah, storm. Too bad about the tree. But I'm glad it didn't fall on your house.

We are in said...

Looking good, Nate!

Too bad about the tree. Proving that old axiom about home ownership - "It's always something". Hoping you get an offer soon - the house is a real charmer.

NV said...

Echoing we are in ... it IS always something!

Here's hoping though that any bad karma was spent during this episode -- and it will transform into good karma, attracing MEGA bookings to you. :-)

Tiffany said...

Yikes! This surpasses my little broken window issue, by far! Thank goodness for insurance - and thank goodness it's your neighbor's insurance!!

Oh - and good luck with your castings

Sandy said...

Wow! Handsome!! Sorry about the tree.

Sandy said...

If you get a moment, come on by my spot tomorrow. I have something for you! I am hoping you are getting some bookings!