Saturday, August 2, 2008

Somebody Else's Fargo Fixer-Upper

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. Get your very own Fargo Fixer-Upper! The house is officially on the market! Might I add, a couple G's above where the Realtor originally thought. Of course this is because the family did such an extraordinary job with the little details. Details now including:

A fresh coat of paint for the front windows:
(You'd never know that window was broken!)

New light fixtures in the stairwell and second floor hall:
A new downstairs bathroom sink! Look at the difference:The old sink had curling iron burns on the top and the home-made, particle-board cabinet was rotten from an old leak. The new one looks so nice and clean!So there you have it. One beautifully cleaned up 1928 gem. All of this can be yours... if the Price is Right! (Fargo house hunters... COME ON DOWWWWNNNN!!!!)

I'll be praying for multiple offers in church in the morning!

**Happy 28th Anniversary Dad & Mom!**


Jayne said...

Your family's done so much on the house--it looks great! I think it'll be bittersweet for everyone when it sells, though.

Love the headshot you're using as your profile pic. Photos like that will indeed make you the Ruler of the Runways, the King of the Catwalk!

Sandy said...

Hi, Nathan! (I noticed the "new" name and photo at the Dainty Digs -very nice.) Congratulations on putting the "Fixer Upper" on the market! Even though they don't know who I am, please wish your Mom & Dad a Happy Anniversary (and many more) for me.

Ranty said...

Looking gooooooooooooood!!!