Saturday, April 19, 2008

Photos of the Exterior Paint

Well, the windows upstairs need another coat of paint, and you'll notice the mismatched shutters. Give me just a little bit of time and that'll get fixed. It just adds to the crack-house charm right now. I have yet to scrape the excess paint off of the window panes on the doors, so pretend that I've already taken care of that. At any rate, here are the photos:

The house as I found it:
...and with a little green. Still in the works...

The front door before:The front door after. The trim was screaming at me that it didn't want to be treated like siding. 'I don't want to be white anymore!' Green it is.

The screen door was burgundy and white and ugly. I just slapped the green on it too and I think it looks better. I still need to clean up that glass.I hope that looks like a 1920's Arts and Crafts green, not baby poop green. At least it's clean and better than before!


Sandy said...

Love that green! Looks good to me. I knew someone a long time ago that had a bungalow with an enclosed porch and all of their trim was a soft, buttery yellow.

Jennifer said...

oh, it is our door! I like it! The green looks nice in the monitor at least!