Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More Photos! Wood! Stairs!

Ok, I just finished stripping paint for the day and I'm really happy with the results so far. I have all of the spindles done on three sides and have four of the backs done. I shot a few more snapshots because I'm really excited to see so much woodgrain going on!

Notice the laptop on the stairs. The ipod decided to take the 'dirt nap' (as my professor calls it) so the headphones had to connect to something!

Too bad the house smells like old, melting paint. Sorry roomies!


Jennifer said...

Wow.. that is looking great! It will be a big focal point in the house when it is done.

Sandy said...

The woodgrain is so nice. The stairs are going to look spectacular!

Plotter said...

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Anonymous said...

This set of stairs looks really good. It was worth every bit of work you did on it no matter how dirty and smelly.

And one more thing from an outsider. You old-house-fixer-upper people, you need to give much more detail on the process itself on your web-logs. Every bit of detail, including what method did not work well is useful. I think others who will attempt the same in the future will find this as a great resource.

In the meantime... keep doing what you are doing.