Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Blog!

As this blog wraps up, I decided to start a new blog about how I'm doing out in New York. Actually it will be mostly pictures of the city and a lot of architectural shots peppered with little tidbits about what I'm doing out here. For some of my return readers: don't feel obligated to follow the new blog. Just because you enjoyed reading about fixing up houses doesn't mean you'll want to read about some mid-western kid dropped in NYC. I understand & take no offense!

No, the house hasn't sold yet.


Sal @ Garage Floor Paint said...

Hi Nate,

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We are in said...

Sal, didn't read the post apparently.

Nate, I'm so glad for you and all the excitement you're having in NYC! I spent about three years of my youth there and have great memories. My oldest son took off to Manhattan as soon as he turned 18. Much to my astonishment (and joy!) he's managed to make a fun and financially secure life for himself there.

I'm also glad to have happened upon your blog when I did - so I can count myself among those who "knew you when"! LOL

Seriously - I doubt I ever would have "made your acquaintance" if we hadn't had something so obsessive as fixing up our houses in common. And it's been fun getting a glimpse into your crazy house world and then see you embark on such a very different path.

I truly wish you well and all the success in the world. It's not every day that you can look at a perfect picture of a fashion model and think "I remember when he made drywall dust snow angels on the floor."

And I think I kinda love you for that. (In an entirely maternal sort of way - so don't get freaked out! LOL)

Kick ass, Nate!