Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gather 'Round Everybody, Pics from NoDak!

So, while I've been playing around in New York, my parents have been putting the house back together. They sent pictures!!! I was so excited to open that email. Ready? Here we go!

The living room and the stairwell got their coat of khaki and are looking pretty good. Do you remember the hole in the wall at the top of the stairs? How about the paneling? Nope, me neither.The dining room has the new crown moulding and trim painted white. So crisp, clean.
The cabinets are now updated with a clean coat of white paint. Maybe the new buyers won't notice how small the kitchen is when everything's bright and clean? But where are the doors?Oh, there they are. They're upstairs waiting for some new hardware.
Even though I told Mom not to waste money on little details that won't up the selling price, she couldn't leave the front of the house without some color. I guess there's a flowerbed out there now. I bet it looks more like a home now. Thanks Mom!Well, that's all for now. The family's out of town for a bit so I'll have to wait until they get back before I can call the realtor. I'm going to have her go over to the house when Mom or Dad is there so she can see how things are going and what needs to still be addressed. I wish so much I was there until it went on the market. I mean, this was my project and I just left it for everyone else to finish. I hate not finishing what I started!


NV said...

Dude, you so owe your folks big-time! Everything looks so nice.

Jayne said...

Wow! The house looks great. Hey, I tagged you for a meme. Go over to my blog and check out the details.

Sandy said...

Everything is looking so good. Loved the flowers. Looking forward to more pictures.

Jennifer said...

You know... those flowers will do more than you can guess to get people in the front door! Looks good.