Friday, March 28, 2008

The Realtor Said I Could Sell Easier if I Kept Stripping...

The staircase, people. The staircase. Although, if it raises the value any, some other arrangements could be made ;)

I had a Realtor come over yesterday to help me decide what to do with the house. She is awesome and I wish I had worked with her in the first place. Direct, to the point, honest, and EASY TO COMMUNICATE WITH. Even a sense of humor. Perfect.

She walked through the house with me and told me what changes were worth my time and money if I plan to put the house on the market this spring/summer. Things like, don't bother with the ceramic tile but instead replace the vinyl tiles with more stylish new ones. Things like that.

I don't think you'll be seeing the 1920's inspired dream bathroom that is bouncing around my imagination. It's just not worth my time/money. Like I stated earlier, she did think it would be a good idea to finish stripping the banister, so that's on the to-do list. Here's that progress pic I promised you:Gotta love the 'Flame Thrower' and it's magical abilities. I just feel like the wood grain can finally breathe! Once I get the rest of the spindles all toasty-warm and paintless I'll go back with the chemical stripper and get the rest of the paint off.

I guess I'll also post the photos of the dining room trim all painted and the blinds FINALLY up.

Basically, the things I need to get done to put the place on the market would be to:

* Paint the kitchen cabinets a fresh white, replace hardware
* New vinyl tiles in the kitchen and downstairs bathroom
* Paint the walls neutral colors and the trim a crisp white
* Replace a couple light fixtures
* Finish replacing the missing trim
* Refinish the hardwood floors (argh!)
* Paint the front door
* Get the upstairs plumbing working again
* Find remnant to replace the carpet on the stairs
* Find a vinyl flooring remnant for the upstairs bathroom
* Either find carpet remnants or refinish floors in the bedrooms
* Repair broken bead board on the porch ceiling (porch swing fiasco)
* Replace shower curtains with ones with bright colors or patterns. They will distract the potential buyers from how much the bathrooms suck. This is also why she liked my roommates bright paintings.

She said she was going to go back to the office and run some comps from my area. She hoped to get back to me today with an estimate. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be enough to cover the costs associated with selling the house (realtor commisions, etc.) and pay off the mortgage. A little extra in the pocket so I don't have to beg for change in the subway would be nice too!


Anonymous said...

The economy everywhere isn't so hot but if you are asking a fair price your house should eventually sell.

I went through this heck almost 3 years ago in an area with a decent economy in the SW and it never sold, it's now a rental unit.

I wish you the best on selling the house and in your new career!

Sandy said...

Good luck on the staircase. It looks good, so far! Sounds like the lady knows what's she's doing, and I'm glad you found her. Some of them can be a real pain!

StuccoHouse said...

You might take a look at the for sale by owner process (I used a flat fee FSBO package from I've sold/bought my on my own twice now and wouldn't do it any other way. You save a bundle and its an interesting & easy process. I'd think being in a college town you are a creative guy, and it doesn't sound like you are buying another'd be in a very good situation for this. 6% or a $400 flat fee? :-)

What is it with realtors and "neutral paint and white woodwork"?

Good luck!

Ranty said...

Best of luck to you Nate!

I'm not in-the-know about the market up there, but your agent sounds like she's giving you some pretty sound advice... e.g. do the BASICS to make everything clean and functional - DON'T spend a crapload of money on so-called upgrades that may or may not be to a particular buyer's taste...

And your staircase is coming along great!

Floor refinishing isn't too difficult to do yourself either - if you need any tips just let me know!