Tuesday, February 19, 2008


This is just a quick comment about the weather in Fargo right now. Tonight is a record-setting night for how completely freezing it is. Get ready.

It is currently -25 degrees. With the 20-30mph winds the air feels -50. Can you believe it?


Tomorrow I'm leaving to go to Chicago for five days. I'm excited to go to Chicago because it will be a warm change of environments. Who else can say they're excited to go to Chicago for the heat?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but at least you have a change of season. Imagine summers that last 8 months and average 92 degrees with a THI of around 99-102. Sounds good now, but to live it? not so fun. Enjoy your respite from the bitter cold.

Jayne said...

A couple days ago it was 5 here and I was miserable. I can't imagine weather that cold. Sorry, anonymous, but I'd love your weather. Really. I actually like the feeling of getting in a hot car that's been parked in the sun all day. I'm sick like that.

Nate, have fun in Chicago!

Sandy said...

I can always cool off. It's the keeping warm part that I have trouble with! Hope you are enjoying the sunny weekend days in ChiTown!

Sandy said...

Nate. I saw this and thought of you.


Are you sick of winter yet?

Doc Mara said...

Yeah, I used to think cold was horrible when I lived in Phoenix. Of course, I thought that 5 months of unbearable heat was normal. When I burned my feet with second degree burns on the sidewalk of my front lawn, I started to change my mind. Now I actually like Fargo weather way WAY better than Phoenix. Yes, you can cool down, UNTIL YOU GET OVER 110 DEGREES. You can buy heaters and air conditioners, but there is no clothing equivalent for coats and long underwear once you get above the century mark. I prefer the weather here, thankyouverymuch.