Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Doorknobs from Ebay!

Sometimes I just randomly click on over to ebay to see what's there. Since I got the house I've always kept an eye out for doorknobs. You know it's really hard to find matching hardware for old houses, and my doorknobs are especially difficult. They aren't the mortise lock type doorknobs that most houses this age have. The doorknobs are made by Schlage, and are what I'd assume are their first crack at the modern doorknob. During the duplexing process, some of the original doorknobs went missing, so my quest finding replacements has been rather unfruitful...

Until now!
I found some on ebay last week! They are pewter, not brass like the majority of my knobs, but they are from the same time period. The metal ones have a hammered look to them, but some of them are glass and match the ones I have already in the house. A couple of the glass ones were made with black glass. How cool is that?

Even though some of these knobs are different, they are period-appropriate so they should work. Of course, this means that I'd have to get back to working on the house. Maybe they'll just stay in the box until spring break. We'll see!

BTW, I'm glad I paid for shipping on parts of the doors! What's up with that?

On a different topic, my friend Martha from the neighborhood association emailed me with some great advice for my water leak issue. It was so obvious I felt absolutely dumb for not thinking of it myself. A mug. A big mug from a local establishment's mug night. You see, when you put the mug under the drip, it stops the water from spreading out into the rest of the room and the rug. See why I feel dumb for not thinking of that? Wow.


Jen said...

A mug.... so simple and so inexpensive! Also a great find on the door knobs.

Amalie said...

Awesome doorknobs!! We also have a mixture of styles, all from roughly the same period, and old butterfly pin hinges. They're one of the first things I noticed and I love that they give each room its own special character-- yours are going to look great!!

Jennifer said...

Love the doorknobs! Doorknobs really can make or break a room.. looks like those will help make it something special!

Sandy said...

I am especially fond of glass door knobs -- I didn't know they came in black glass!

p.s. I am so glad your computer is functioning at 110%!!

Domesticated said...

I never thought to look for door knobs on Ebay. What a good find!