Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Look at My New Neighbors!

Here they are! Cute huh?
There are three of them, and they've moved into the roof of the house to the South. It must be a pretty swanky apartment; There's a front door, back door, and upstairs balcony!
Front Door: Back Door: (little squirrel shaped hole where the gable meets the gutter)
Upstairs Balcony: (squirrel shaped hole at the top of the gable)
Sure, they look like nice enough neighbors, but they have some odd habbits I really don't enjoy. Their downstairs neighbors have in-home daycare, and lets just say that diapers from their trash keep ending up in my backyard... somehow I suspect these little guys.
When I sit on the couch in the living room, the front and back 'squirrel porches' (the little part of the eave that wraps around to the gable front) can be seen through the two windows flanking the fireplace. I'm finding it really entertaining to watch them run in and out, but I know I should tell my neighbor. Maybe he can charge rent. 30 acorns a week?
In other news:
This weekend I only made it to one salvage place which proved to be the WRONG place, since after this little visit I've heard from numerous people that I should have gone to Bauer Bros. Next time. I think I'll be back in Minneapolis in two weeks, so I'll try again.

I also had the privelage of going to a 'before party' for a fellow houseblogger. You can find their blog about the Healy House, an awesome Queen Anne Victorian, at http://thehealyhouse.blogspot.com/. I'm really excited to watch their progress as they restore it.


kelli.griffis said...

Aw! I love the squirrels! They can cause some pretty righteous damage, though, and once they move in somewhere it can be awful trying to get them out and keep them out. Looks like they've been established in your neighbor's attic for quite some time from the look of those squirrel sized holes. The previous owner of our house left a squirrel feeder, a bird feeder, and a bird house for me in the back yard, so I'll have to start filling those when the snow comes. Meanwhile, we've been having fun watching the squirrels bury walnuts in our back yard for a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Squirrels are the best Nathan!! :)

Love ya & Miss ya!! - Carolyn