Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Production Week = No Progress

Sorry loyal readers, I've barely been home to sleep this week so there's nothing to report. In my Architecture studio class we are assigned 3 projects a semester, and the week before the project is due is when we have to do all of our drawings, 3D modeling, and presentation work. This usually means that Nate doesn't see his eyelids for more than a few hours over the seven day period and the rest of his life is placed on hold. The project was due on Thursday, but now has been pushed back to Monday, so expect to see changes at the beginning of next week. Until then, sorry for the boring!


kelli.griffis said...

Hang in there, buddy! I'm back to working on my house this week so I'll do a little extra work on your behalf and it will all even out. :)

Now I'm interested to see your architecture projects!

Jayne said...

Busy week for you, Nate! Good luck on your Architecture projects.